Meet SAM

A Smart Adaptive Module for your
next high-rise project


SAM is a modular utilities solution that houses a kitchen, bathroom and the 5 necessary living utilities. Together with you we design SAM into your apartments and install it in a matter of days.

The living spaces of today consist of 5 utilities

The Old Way


The utilities are spread throughout the entire home in the walls and floors. This is an inefficient, labour intensive and costly process.

The Bao Living way


We concentrate all the utilities in the center of the home. All the utilities are housed inside SAM and are no longer embedded in the building.

A new way to build explained by our co-founder, Axel:


So, why put everything in one unit?



The cost of installing the utilities can be reduced by 30%.


You reduce your carbon emissions by 5 tonnes per SAM unit installed.

Efficient use of space

The installations for your utilities are concealed within the SAM units. Reclaim your space for the important things.


SAM adapts to the layout of the home.



Building with SAM can reduce the cost of installing utilities by 30%. The SAM units are, for the most part, prefabricated in an automated furniture atelier.


This means that the on-site installation takes less time. The plumber and the electrician can leave their angle grinder at home. Fewer hours of work also means a lower bill. The fact that less of the work happens on-site also means that the risk of errors or accidents is greatly reduced.


And best of all, factory production means that we can guarantee a higher quality product which in turn also results in fewer hours on-site.



By centralising all the utilities in one place building with SAM means that you use far fewer materials. Fewer pipes, fewer wires.


Next to this, the wood used to build our SAM units is FSC-certified, so you know it is sourced from environmentally conscious tree farms. Production in factory conditions means that we maximise the re-use of materials and better manage waste streams.


Those who have built or renovated home know of the vast amount of waste and unused material is tossed away. You see straight away that this is hardly a sustainable way of doing things and worse yet, this’ll cost you.


Efficient use of space


SAM contains all the installation for heating, ventilation, electricity, water and home automation.


In doing this these installations are all nicely concealed behind the doors of SAM’s cabinets. This not only hides what you don’t want to see but also allows you to reclaim your space. That room previously inhabited by your boiler, washing machine and ventilation system is a thing of the past.



SAM is not a fixed design, it is a system that can be adapt that the space around it.


We have 18 different cabinet designs to pick and choose from. This is more than enough to help the architect design the ideal SAM for the his/her current project. It is important to note that SAM should be designed into the plans which means it should be integrated early on in the design phase of the construction project. SAM is essentially the heart of the living space.


Installed by our own team in 3 days.
Ready to be used in lots of different spaces.

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