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Discover the versatility and adjustabilty of our modular prefab projects. SAM is not only a concept, it has been used in multiple projects and proven its time saving and energy efficient properties. The idea of circular building has shown that even when we are saving on materials, time and money; we can produce a slick, configurable design without any trouble.

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Urbicoon studio project

Client: Urbicoon


Expected completion time: Q4 2020


Commissioned by the well-known project developer, Urbicoon, we will develop produce and install 20 SAMs for a studio apartment project of theirs in Brussels. As you can see on the renders, this SAM consists of a long wall that contains the heating, the ventilation and the bathroom but also the kitchen, the bed and even a TV. We are looking forward to making a real circular statement with this disruptive project!


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Circular Retrofit Lab

Client: VUB


Completed from start to finish in just 5 days.

From 28.04.19 until 03.04.19.


2 Funky yellow SAM’s developed especially for the Circular Retrofit Lab at the campus of the VUB in Brussels. The CRL is just one of the 6 international case studies conducted by the HORIZON2020-project Buildings As Material Banks (BAMB). The idea behind this design is that the available space can be turned into two smaller studios by mounting a room divider.


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Press: De Standaard, Kanaal Z, Architectura

A 25m2 Studio

Client: Anonymous


Completed from start to finish in just 4 days

From 26.03.19 until 29.03.19.


This is the very first renovation project Bao Living conducted. A 25 square meter studio on the 9th floor in the center of the city of Antwerp. Only 4 months after the first contact with the client the project was finalized, the renovation itself only took 4 days. Who said renovations were hard and stressful?


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Client: BAST architects


Completed from start to finish in just 7 days

From 10.12.18 until 18.12.18.


This is our first commercial realization. A detached house with a surface area of 130 square meter at the outskirts of Ghent. The project required a very advanced modular and prefabricated approach. Because of this, the whole house was finalized in less than 10 days. It consists of prefab unit by Stido, modular room dividers by JuuNoo and of course our own SAM system.


Press: De Standaard


Client: Bao Living


Built in the start of 2018.


The first, fully functional SAM! Built and on view at the factory building of out parnter With this showroom we not only wanted to prove that SAM was technically possible, but it can also be aesthetically pleasing and a statement. Because of the many positive reactions and requests to have a look we feel that we hit our objective.


Videos: Showroom Teaser 1, Showroom Teaser 2, SAM-launch event aftermovie


Press: Architectura, Kanaal Z, Gazet van Antwerpen